Perfect Health Tech | About Us
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About Us

So often, doctors are unaware of the magnitude of money being lost or not realized. Perfect Health Tech offers a comprehensive, average or simple practice review to help identify areas of inefficiencies and lost revenue.

Talented practice management executives, information technology executives with prior focus in healthcare, operational management expertise, executive assistant, customer service experts is what you can expect working with Perfect Health Tech.

With over 25 years’ experience helping practices improve workflow, financial position and position within the community.

Many small, medium or even large practices either don’t have altogether, cannot afford to hire, or don’t understand the importance of healthcare executives who focus and are trained at a high level to help solve major group/solo practice problems.

Perfect Health Tech offers a staffing option that fits the smallest to largest of groups.


Case Study 1
Large 100 physician multi-specialty group, Renton, Washington

Doctors of all specialty types underpaid as compared to national average and FTE equivalent. Reviewed operations, specially contracting. All contracts had lapsed. They were paid as outside network at 70% vs. 100%. Total annual revenue lost annually $3.5 million x 20 years

Same group. Maintained an oncology/chemotherapy department with 11 chemo chairs. Department did not verify health benefits prior to providing patient treatment. As a result, most of the services/medications were denied. They hired 2 prior consultants to tell them why they were losing so much money, and it was discovered within days. Processes implemented, financial problem fixed.

Same group. Consistently reported to state/federal agencies for various human resource violations. As a result, they were fined ongoing. Implemented a stung human resource program, employee manual (reviewed/approved by legal counsel) and adopted technology to streamline processes. Group has been free from fines and negative employee interactions for past 6 years.


Case Study 2
Nationwide telemedicine doctor group, USA

Group losing money. Patient annual buy rate low. Determined that the group thought the revenue would be for the first diet plan buy without realizing that repeat buys and maintenance plans were 3x profitable than focusing on an initial buy. To achieve this, nutritionists were added to staffing who focused on keeping patients losing weight. As a result, buy rate went from 1x/year to 3.6x/year. Company went from annual profits of $16,000/year to $825,000/year in one year.


Case Study 3
Large primary care group with 3 urgent care centers and 11 locations, Seattle, Washington

Founding doctors (3) of 50 doctors total had not taken a paycheck in 1 year. They thought this was normal and acceptable, yet they worked full-time practicing medicine.

Conducted a comprehensive review of practice. Doctors were under billing due to coding issues. No audit was previously done comparing what health insurance companies paid to the doctor group (payors) vs. contract. Uncovered $1.2 million in under payments. Conducted doctor billing/coding training.

Preventive patient program non-existence. Group didn’t understand that they could participate in clinical qualify awards and realize an increase in Payor reimbursement if they set goals within their patient population and tackled various high-risk diseases, such as diabetes. Set out to improve overall health of diabetics within group. Then focused on other conditions. Put together a simple preventative education program for patients, including reaching out to patients to schedule annual doctor consultations. Group realized additional $3 million in 12 months.